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We’ve had a couple of units over the years that have lost their EEPROM settings. The CPU in the 1480A (Cypress FX2LP) will in this case default to the 04B4/8613 VID/PID with the result that the 1480A is not recognized as a 1480A unit. The fix is to reprogram the EEPROM. This can be done with the below procedure:

1)  Download and install Cypress SuiteUSB 3.4.7:
2)  Download and save the EEPROM image to file:
3)  Open the Cypress CyConsole application.
4)  Connect the 1480A. If the EEPROM is corrupt, the 1480A should should show up in CyConsole as an “Empty EEPROM” device.
5)  Click Options / EZ-USB Interface menu command.
6)  Click ‘S EEPROM’ in the EZ-USB Interface screen and select the ITI1480A.iic file. This will reprogram the 1480A EEPROM.
7)  Power-cycle the 1480A.

When reconnected to the host, the 1480A should now show up in Device Manager with correct VID/PID and the driver can be installed via the device manager.