User Interface not working properly in W10

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recently I've buyed a 1480A Analyzer, when it arrived I plugged everything and it worked fine, had worked almost 2 days and I even saved some captures, but today after some days idle (pc off and analyzer disconnected) the GUI seems not working propperly, when I click on start icon the window frezees, it shows "Capturing Data" but it does not show anything in the data window, have tryed to look for "temp.usb" file, but I couldn't find it. Also tryed to run it on another machine with W10, and over a VM with XP, but behavior seems to be the same, when it freezes the UI gets irresponsive until I disconnect the analizer.
Is there a way to avoid this?

Include some extra data:

vendor 16c0
product 07a9

Windows version 1909 (Compilation 18363.900)
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Admin note: The PCB was replaced under warranty.
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Have received the new board, it seems to work properly :)