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When I try to capture the USB using traffic using 1480a using software version 4.5.0, I always encounter FIFO full error and the capture stopped.  Here's the details of the message:

The capture has stopped

The 1480A USB Analyzer inserts end-of-stream markers into the data stream when no more data is available to display. There are two types of end-of-stream markers available:

F0 Stream Markers: The 1480A USB Analyzer hardware has stopped the capture because its internal SDRAM FIFO memory has filled up. This happens because the Analysis PC was unable to upload the data fast enough from the 1480A unit. To resolve this problem try to use a faster Analysis PC or lower the amount of data on the Link Under Test.

F1 Stream Markers: This stream marker is not an indication of error. The 1480A hardware flushes out data from the FIFO SDRAM to the Analysis PC when the capture is manually stopped by the user.
Please advice