Clear button?

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i have a simple wish... i would need a simple clear button.
at the moment i need to restart the application to clear the log (or did i miss something?). START / STOP / PAUSE / CLEAR LOG

a clear button would be great, because when i start the next capture i have posibility to just clear the log and start new one.

and if possible please a copy button to save the payload data direct into the cache to use this data for other thinks with just the data and no offset and no ascii.
i have written a programm witch do this for me, but it would be great if you can addjust such button Control + V / Control + C (copy paste).

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The Protocol View is cleared whenever a .usb file is opened from disk or when a new capture is started. There is no way we can clear the protocol view in the middle of the trace because a .usb data stream must be parsed sequentially from the beginning to correctly identify the hierarchically structured protocol items.

The PayLoad view is a text control so the application does support regular CTRL-C to copy the complete content to the clipboard. To get rid of the address and ASCII columns you can use a text editor to get rid of these columns (for example Microsoft Visual Studio).
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i have programmed already a software to delete adress and ascii...

to delete per hand on big loader files in a text file would making me crazy
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Yes, we have deliberately limited the application features to keep the overall cost down. Most things can be done via alternate ways like you found.