please addjust export funktions

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i realy need any way to export the payload data.
can you please addjust a feature to put the payload data into a simple textfile, so i can write a programm witch dose the rest for me?

its realy hard to copy big payload data via hand into textfile.
if the log would be saved to a simple text file (no matter witch format) i can write my own programm to make the data useable.

any kind if export funktion would realy help me alot...

the payload data is only 64 byte big and when i whant to copy big loader files from it i need to copy hundreds of 64 byte blocks per hand.
yesterday i did this and i made somewhere a error and all work was for nothing.

i hope you can do this for me and i think also others need this feature badly.

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You can easily write your own parser to pull the payload data out from the 1480A data files:

All payload data is parsed out and placed into the temp.pds file (PDS = Payload Data Stream). If you filter the Protocol View so you only have relevant endpoint payload visible then the temp.pds stream will only contain the payload data you are interested in.

The temp.pdi file contains the start and length of each payload chunk in the PDS stream (PDI = Payload Data Index). The format of the PDI stream is simple: 64-bit start offset of the payload chunk and 32-bit length of the payload chunk.

A simple payload parser would then read 64+32 bits from the PDI stream to find out the location and size of the PDS stream chunk and then read the PDS stream itself to pull out the payload. Repeat until you've hit the end of the PDI stream.
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aha, thanks.. good to know...

i have done it more complicated... i tryed per key send to application to control the analyzer software... but this not relay works good, so
i needed to copy manualy and my programm makes usable data from it...

but now when i can use the temp.pds file, then its easyer for me.
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Here's another post that describes the PDS/PDI streams: How to export binary packet data