What is "Event" ?

Posted: 12 years ago Quote
In the "massage View" I see 3 types of Items (RxCmd, Data & Event).
I read about the RxCmd from the ULPI spec.
What is the "Event" means?
For example, the "LS device conntection" appears as Event, shouldn't it be RxCmd with HostDisconnect=0 ?
Posted: 12 years ago Quote
The events are internal FPGA state machine events that communicate bus events such as Device Chirp, Device Connection etc to the 1480A software. For example, the pre-captured ls_usb_mouse.usb trace shows RxCmd=0B (A_VBUS_VALID + DATA1) right before event 'LS Device Connection' appears in the trace. So, yes, the HostDisconnect bit will first be set to zero.