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Note that the same host controller should not be used to connect both the 'Link Under Test' and 'To Analysis Computer' ports. If this is done, the 1480A will capture (on the 'Link Under Test' port) all Packets sent to its 'To analysis Computer' port as well as all packets sent to and from the Device under test. This will garble the captured data and the data capture will abort shortly after the device connection sequence has been detected.

The correct way to connect the 1480A is:

1) Connect one of the supplied USB cables between 'Link Under Test' and a USB port on a PC different from the PC you are running the 1480A software.
2) Connect the other supplied USB cable between the 'To Analysis PC' port on the 1480A unit and a high-speed port on the computer running the 1480A software.

Note that it is possible to use the same computer as Host and Analysis PC as long as it uses different USB host controller cards (for instance separate PCI or PC-cards)