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Sometimes, user error causes captures to fail. Use the following procedure to validate that your 1480A unit is working properly:

1) Connect the rear connector to your Analysis PC. The 'Host Power' LED should turn on when the drivers are loaded. If the 'Host Power' LED does not turn on, check the driver installation in the Windows Device Manager.

2) Start capture in the 1480A software. The 1480A software should flash 'Capturing Data' in the status bar.

3) Connect the right front panel connector to your Host Under Test (a different PC from the Analysis PC). The 'Link Power' LED should turn on.

4) Connect the left front panel connector to a known good device such as a standard USB mouse, keyboard or hard disk. The 'Link Activity' LED should blink and data should appear in the 1480A software.

5) Stop the capture in the 1480A software. You can now save the generated temp.usb file via 'File/Save As'.

If your unit does not pass this basic functionality test, send the temp.usb file to support @ international test instruments . com (remove spaces).