Uncommanded capture stop

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Working with a 1480A with version 4.1.0 software, on WinXP Pro SP3 on a 1.8GHz AMD Sempron 3100+ with 2GB RAM.  This PC is dedicated to this task.

I'm capturing an "idle" full-speed bus, insofar as USB is ever idle (read I've told it to hide all the un-ack'd IN transactions), waiting for something that happens 30+ minutes after last active use.  Once per minute during this time, a vendor-private IN control request is sent and ACK'd (the ACK containing two data bytes).  

After a few minutes, capture stops silently.  Sometimes I get a "1480 FIFO Full" reason text, sometimes I don't.  

What I observe with Task Manager running is that there's a process ProtocolParser.exe whose memory usage grows to above 1,500,000KB in a few minutes' time, and at some point around there the capture stops.  I can of course start capturing again; sometimes this works but I find it works best if I close and restart the USB Protocol Analyzer application.

I've done enough of this that I've seen a couple cases where capture stops and the capture indication in the application window keeps blinking.

It's also a great way to miss the thing I want to capture 30+ minutes in.

Pausing the capture doesn't seem to slow the growth of ProtocolParser.exe's memory usage.
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Sorry for the late reply - we have been low on staff due to vacations

If you get a FIFO Full event from the 1480A unit it means that the hardware capture FIFO has filled up. Normally this only happens during HS captures but it is possible when capturing FS too depending on the nature of the traffic captured. Please email us the temp.usb file for this scenario and we will analyze.

Our support email is "support @ international test instruments . com" (remove spaces)

Regarding the protocol parser not flushing data to file; please stop the capture when the memory consumption is growing and email us the temp.usb file. The protocol parser normally flushes data to file at certain times and something in this trace causes flushes not to occur correctly. Stopping the capture should cause all data to be parsed out to the end.