how to debug UHCI

Posted: 11 years ago Quote
Hi, I have a microcontroller that act as usb host and try to read out hid device ep1in report.
Everything looks ok to me except the report doesn't change as I press button.

Occasionally, If I keep connect and disconnect, it may work sometimes.

I compare the enumeration of the gamepad->PC and gamepad->My Host and they look ok(ACKed/STALL as it should).  Except that the gamepad didn't update it's report.

Is there a timing specific for UHCI gamepad?  The analyzer only tell me the frame difference and I cannot tell any difference between my Host and PC.

Please advise me how to debug this.
Posted: 11 years ago Quote
We cannot comment on why your device doesn't work as you expect. If you suspect the 1480A does not capture the data on the wire correctly then please email the temp.usb file to 'support @ international test instruments . com' (remove spaces) and we'll take a look at what could be going on.