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Could you clarify the IN transaction display?

I have a high speed device with a bulk endpoint with 512 byte max package. On the display I am seeing IN Transactions that indicate a payload of more than 512 bytes, for instance 722 bytes. Is this the total data transferred in a transfer request spread over several transactions, or it telling me that the device is actually sending 722 bytes in one packet?
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Please send the temp.usb file to support @ international test instruments . com (remove spaces) and we'll take a look.

Each IN transaction will normally contain one IN packet. If you'll expand the protocol display and position it on the DATA0 or DATA1 packet then you'll see the actual length decoded in the 'Details' and 'Payload' views. The 'Message' view will also show exactly what was received in raw data form.

If you are seeing more than 512 bytes in all these views then your device is sending more than 512 bytes.

There is a good description of the various transaction types here:
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Do you mean the temp.usb file in the InternationalTestInstruments Program folder? It's 500MB, so I don't think that is it.  There is also a temp.atm file that is 2 GB! There is also a temp.nof that is 800MB. Should these files be this large? All these and other temp files are dated 9/3/10. I'm using software version 4.1.0.

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Yes, the temp.usb file is the raw data file as it comes from the 1480A hardware. It could be very large for long captures or captures with lots of payload data in it.

Since the file is so large; instead just get a screenshot of the main protocol view when positioned on the 722 byte IN transaction so we can get an idea what you are looking at. Please email it to our support email. Thanks.
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There is no need. The device was in fact sending too many bytes per transaction as the analyzer indicated. That was fixed and now I can see how the IN transactions should look.

The analyzer seems to be working properly, but I am confused about the temp files. They never changed size and were always dated 9/3/10. I decided to completely remove and reinstall the software. Now there are no more temp files at all. I guess they were something left from previous versions along with a lot of nodfndxx files and others that are no longer present.

Thanks for the help.
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I'm happy to hear that the 1480A Analyzer helped you find your bug.

The location of the temp files have changed in v 4.0.0 of the software. Please see the following support forum post for details:

Location of temporary files created during capture