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The location of the temp files has been moved in version 4.0.0 of the software. This is related to Windows 7 and Vista on 64-bit platforms. These newer operating systems do not allow applications to create temp files in the application installation directory during runtime so we now create them under the following directory per Microsoft's requirements (the path below is assuming 'Administrator' user, your path will differ if you are logged in with another user name):

"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\International Test Instruments\1480A USB Protocol Analyzer"

In order to avoid that multiple application instances generate temporary files in the same directory, causing file corruption, the initial instance of the application generates temp files in a 'default' subdirectory while subsequent application instances place their temp files in a randomly named sub directory, for example '5f62580e-c8a1-4604-9b6b-75107c6ac79c'.

Note that, due to the above temporary and randomly named directories created, it is possible that temp files are generated that are not deleted over time. Therefore a manual cleanup of left-over temp files is recommended from time to time.