USB 3.0 support plans?

Posted: 13 years ago Quote
What are your plans in supporting the brand new USB 3.0? Will you have an upgrade or a new product (or both)?
Posted: 13 years ago Quote
This will have to be a brand new product because USB 3.0 supports much higher speeds and therefore needs another transceiver to pick up the bus traffic. Therefore, this is of lower priority at this time. We are however keeping an eye on USB 3.0.
Posted: 12 years ago Quote
I'd like to second the question on USB 3.0 plans. We find some other vendors providing such solutions..
Posted: 12 years ago Quote
Yes, we are planning to create a USB 3.0 Protocol Analyzer. Currently, we are focusing on finishing our PCI Express x4 2.5 Gbps Protocol analyzer. It uses very much the same technology as we need for the USB 3.0 Analyzer so the development effort will be shared between the two.

I estimate our PCI Express analyzer to be on the market early 2013 and the USB 3.0 analyzer sometime in the 2014-2015 timeframe.
Posted: 9 years ago Quote
The USB 3.0 Protocol Analyzer project is moving forward and we are in the process of manufacturing the PCB board for further FPGA and software development.

The new "USB5000A" USB 3.0 Protocol Analyzer will be in the same form-factor as our prior 1480A USB 2.0 Protocol analyzer. It will have 4 Gbyte trace RAM, a rear trigger port and overall software functionality comparable with both the 1480A and 2500A software versions (all features will be rolled into the new USB5000A USB 3.0 Protocol Analyzer).

We expect to have the USB5000A ready for sale in 2016 with a price point about 30% lower than competing units.