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PCIE_BO1 PCI Express x4 to SMA Breakout board

This model PCIE_BO1 PCIe breakout board routes out the upstream and downstream x4 lanes and reference clock to SMA connectors, allowing signal insertion or monitoring of either the motherboard or plug-in card signals.
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The PCIE_BO1 breakout board allows connection to the upstream or downstream x4 lanes via SMA connectors. The PCIe reference clock is also broken out. In addition, there are two 100 ohm differential test traces, allowing experimentation with TDR signal integrity in FR-4 board materials.

Note: The x4 lanes are not routed through from the top to bottom connectors as they are instead connected to the top and bottom SMA connectors. Please see the below schematics for details.

PCIE_BO1 Datasheet(PDF)

PCIE_BO1 Schematics(PDF)


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